Thursday, August 5, 2010

An old favorite and shake recipies


I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this stuff.  PB2 rocks.  Its basically powdered peanuts.  Ingrediants read Peanuts, sugar, Salt.
What so amazing about it is the caloric content.
My regular peanut butter which contains Peanuts and less than 1% salt has 200 calories for 2 TBSP and 16 g of fat.  PB2 contains just 53.2 cal for 2 TBSP and 1.87 g of fat.
The big trade off of course is that its powder.  You have to mix it with water to make peanut butter.  But I see that as a plus for cooking, adding to shakes or other recipies.
I've been using PB2 for awhile now.  I've mixed it with water to make PB&J sanwhiches, ants on a log etc.  By far the wierdest thing I did with PB2 was to mix it with diet cocoa powder and coolwhip and mini chcolate chips to make a low cal dessert.  Its actually pretty good. 
Well, the PB2 had been sitting in my cupboard for awhile until I started making shakes.  Its a perfect way to get the taste of peanut butter into a shake without all the calories and best of all its not filled with chemicals!

Shake Recipes:

Vanilla shake:

8oz milk
1 serving of Jay Robb whey powder, vanilla flavor ( or othe protein substitue)
Mix and drink. 

Chocolate Shake:
Vanilla shake recipie
1 TBSP coca powder
1 packet Sun Crystals or other sweetner

PB Chocolate shake:
Chocolate shake recipie plus 2 TBSP
Chocolate banana shake:
Chocolate recipie plus half a banana

You can even make a Chocolate peanut butter with banana

Strawberry shake:
Vanilla shake plus 1/2-1c strawberries blended

add  1/2 a banana for a Strawberry banana shake.

And now for a shake without milk as a base!

Strawberry Orange shake:
8 oz orange (or orange based liquid)
1 serving of of whey protein
1 cup of strawberries

Note I used orange pineapple juice and found this too sweet so the next time i made it i used 4oz milk and 4 oz juice.

Future shakes I want to try--pumpkin cinammin
Failed shake: PB&J shake which used strawberries and PB2

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  1. Chocolate Peanut Butter anything isn't on a diet!? You really have me wanting to try some of these shakes. Might be great for me on a weekend. Did you ever get around to trying the Chocolate PB2? Maybe try pineapple orange juice, and vanilla/plain yogurt in the fruit shake?