Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wagon Trails: a safari ride

This last Friday we went to Wagon Trails in Vienna Ohio.  Wagon trails is pretty much just that,  A wagon that takes you on a ride through the trails of their reserve where they have everything from ants to zebras.  Ok, I'm just guessing on the ants part, but the do have zebras, camels, llamas, ostriches, cows, water buffalo, deer, antelope, pigs, kangaroos, macaws, wild turkeys and I am sure I am missing a few other animals.
It was a blast though.  You ride on the car and animals come up to you (they know you have food) including Hermes, the camel, who runs along with the wagon at times and loves to stick his head in to see what he can see. 
What was really amazing to see were the Zebras; they are different.  You can see it in their eyes.  They are hunters.  They are slow to come over, appraising and beautiful!!!

In addition to the wagon ride, where they give you a bucket of feed, there is a "petting zoo" where you can feed the animals like the goats, kangaroos and turkeys.
green cone
to animals

In a word where we talk about "going green" and leaving less of a "carbon footprint" on the world I was happy to see that Wagon Wheels had adopted a little bit of this philosophy.  You can say what you will about having animals in captivity but what I found "green" about this palce was that when you bought the feed for the petting zoo it came in ice cream cones that you could feed to the animals too!   No waste; no little white cups to litter everywhere.   I found this really cool.  I don't know if they were special ice cream cones since they were green but what a great idea!!!!

J feeding

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  1. Looks like you and J had a blast! The park looks like so much fun. Glad you got to go with her.