Saturday, July 31, 2010

August and Everything

I had decided last month that I was going to "watch my pennies" on the grocery shopping and try to get a baseline on what I was spending and saving.  So, I'll be editing this post as I shop as I think I might try to keep a"running tally."
 Today Cara and I went to the Hartville Market and Flea market to buy fruits and veggies.  I got a little carried away and bought a new purse and shoes for my daughter too.  I love this place things are so cheap!  And you can find some pretty interesting stuff.  For example, there is a Lego store in there and the owners spent what I am guessing is a good part of a year building this magnificent village out of Legos

How cool is that!?!  The trains were running too.  they also have packaes of silly bands for $1.  I'm using one now to put my hair up LOL

Alas, I digress:
Running total for all foods at the farmer's market was $36

(I just googled the shoes I bought my daughter...i got them for $20 and they retail for $50!!  Sadly I was reticent about even spending that much.  Here is a pic of the shoes.)

After the market I headed to raisin rack to buy more protein powder: $46
Aug 1 food total $82 yikes!!
August 2 108.93 OOP saved 29.66 with coupons and card discount  (27%)
August 8  33.11 OOP saved 19.64 (37%)
Running Tally: $224.04 for a family of three

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